• FoodPack Tray sealers

The FoodPack tray sealers line represents the history of ILPRA, what has made us a leading company in the packaging industry.
Since 1955, our tray sealing machines have become versatile food packaging machines, able to adapt to the needs of different production environments. Predictive maintenance, recognition of authorized personnel, remote assistance, and fully mechanical sealing are just some of the optional technologies available on our tray sealers. Aimed at small, medium and high production, ILPRA’s FoodPack catalogue includes 3 macro categories: manual, automatic and in-line tray sealers. With these packaging machines , ILPRA aims to provide customers with a reliable and effective partner for their business, that can reduce consumption, increase production and maintain the original product quality. All models are customizable, because every production is important and every product is unique.